Tuesday, October 18, 2011

show me your true colour

ahh a lot of things have happened last week.
made me realize who's willing to tell the whole truth and not just half of it, and who's willing to lie for the sake of getting promoted.

BUT, whatever it is that u do, hati mesti ikhlas dan redha.
ikhlas kat mulut is not enough okay.
ikhlas tapi tak redha pon cannot also.
ikhlas and redha go together.

anyhoo, i have been meaning to update as much as i can.
it's just that, since twitter is sooooooo accessible, blogging seems ... leceh.

promise i'll update soon as i can.


NUN@ said...

sudah bertunang???? or di risik ni??? wahh congratsss dear!

Fa-Tya said...

just a promise ring :D