Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rahsia Allah, malaikat pon tak tahu :)

JODOH itu rahsia ALLAH SWT..
☻ ♥ ☻
/█\ /█\
|| ||
SEKUAT mana kita setia ツ
SEHEBAT mana kita merancang ツ
SELAMA mana kita menunggu ツ
SEKERAS mana kita bersabar ツ
SEJUJUR mana kita menerima kekasih kita ツ

.. •.♥• Jika ALLAH SWT Tidak Menulis JODOH Kita Bersama Kekasih Kita..Kita Tetap Tidak Akan Bersama Dengannya •.♥•

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Umm, I'm having a lot of doubts.

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Monday, December 12, 2011


My heart blooms just by staring deep into her eyes.

Feels like she's telling all of us that everything's gonna be ok.

Aisya, u're the greatest gift to mommy and daddy.
U were born from the heart - one of a kind.
U are well loved and adored by EVERYONE.
And aunty loves u so much!
May the bright future be yours.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

A course, a show and everything in between

I'm currently in PD, was here since tuesday, will be here til tomorrow.
Tomorrow nite will be boarding the train to Arau, then taking the ferry to Langkawi for LIMA 2011. Will be there til monday.
Pastu wednesday and thursday next week ada another workshop pulak.
I is tired. I is no like. I is sleepy.
I has a lot of work.
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

honesty, integrity and everything in between

hahaha was reading beautifulnara (discovered this blog few weeks back, lambat kan?) and read about the wedding of an artist to a VIP.
then baca pulak kisah ke-tidak-nonsense-an Tan Sri Musa Hasan yang went undercover at a club and caught one of his officer in the act, i remembered my aunt, whose working with a bank.
more or less the same story jugak.
she had to face club's bouncers just to drag one of her staff out of the club and back to work.
i cannot imagine one fierce-looking lady, raging with madness, confronting the bouncers and dragging the poor little boy out of the club while scolding him throughout the process.
hahahahahaha omg what a scene it must've been!
i dunno what exactly happened but my aunt cerita this boy selalu lambat masuk office because he went clubbing almost every night until in the wee hours in the morning pastu lambat la pegi kerja.
so she got really fed up one day and decided to go to the club and drag him out herself.
the things managers do to maintain the level of professionalism.. sigh..
but still funny! :D


Sunday, November 27, 2011

losing weight, getting into the jive and everything in between

mek jihah sudah tanya sama saya bagaimana saya menghilangi 4 kg. kahkahkah malu nak sebut baru 4 kg je turun.
mek J, saya diet sebenarnya dah hampir 30 hari, tapi BARU turun 4 kg since the last post. since this post is written, i'm proud to say that i've lost another kilo.
so semua sudah5 kgs la kehilangan. well, more or less.

so here's how i do it:

1. consult a doctor
i went to see a doctor for consultation sebab memang sangat susah nak keep the weight off. before this memang dah always on diet pon. but the moment i lost a few kgs i jadi relax and stopped dieting. resulting in me gaining back all the weight. plus a few more grams. hehe. so doc cakap, makan dulu macam biasa u makan, tapi makan awal. malam avoid makan after 8 (which i used to do all the time). and NEVER MISS A MEAL!pendek kata, jangan melapar dan menyeksa badan lah. dan yang paling penting, exercise.
YA EXCERCISEEEE!!!benda paling saya tidak sukaaaaaa!!tapi mana ada orang boleh kurus without exercise kan? so, saya tahu saya ni susah nak excercise, i have to find a motivation. jadi motivasi saya ialah nak kahwin. walaupun sebenarnya plan asal ialah lagi 2 tahun, ahh what the hell kan. i buat-buat i nak kahwin tahun depan.hahahahahahhahaha!!! so seolah-olah macam "i'm left with no choice but to exercise if i wanna get married next year". and lagi, KOT-KOT lah betul tetiba terkahwin tahun depan, at least i look like one of VS' angel kan.
ha paham tak?

2. exercise
since i woke up super early (5 am) cos dah terjadi biasa since fasting month haritu, i make use of it. bangun pagi tu, warm up dulu, then i buat leg exercise about 5 reps for each leg. then i skip ikut kemampuan. i started off with only 100 kali je skipping cos tak mampu.capek!and then jadi batuk cos asthma attack. tapi after a while, i find myself doing more than 200 skips per session. and my asthma pun gone.
tu pagi. then petang after balik kerja, i sambung. tapi actually petang ni ikut tahap kelaratan dan kerajinan. usually i balik lambat and dah tak larat, so i tak buat.
if i buat, i akan sambung another 250 of skipping. so in a day, i skip 500 times.
which is i rasa a great achievement for me lah.
kalau ada yang buat 1000 kali, bagus. saya tak mampu ok.

3. makan apew tew?
makan kena jaga uollsss!! dah exercise separuh nyawa hilang, jangan lah hentam makan macam raja bersiong!actually, i makan pon boleh tahan banyak la. tapi at the end of the day, menyesal cos penat sangat excercise tapi no point if makan tak jaga. ni my diet plan. nak ikut, ikut lah. taknak ikut sudah. tapi i x advise ikut cos bukan betul sangat pon. but anyway here goes:

brekkie: 2 genggam cereal koko krunch (better ambik yang diet punya cereal) with low fat milk. i tried diet cereal tapi i don't like the taste. since i guna koko krunch, jangan lah tamak ambil full cream milk. memang lah mengundang. if rasa nak sihat lebih, i'll eat fruit yogurt.

lunch: sesenduk nasik, fried chicken/fish, sayur extra. ni beli kat kedai. if i masak and bawak bekal, usually nasik memang aku bedal je dua tiga senduk dengan ayam goreng and vegetable soup.

malam: sometimes i'll just eat cereal balik. sometimes malas, i masak maggie kahkahkah. if i feel like extra rajin, i buat je mushroom soup. sometimes i tak makan cos too tired+malas nak kunyah makanan. hahaha boleh? sometimes i masak nasik goreng. tak tentu.

tapi i pandai adjust. if i rasa macam dah terlebih makan, i will do extra exercise. kalau tak rajin nak excercise extra, nangis je lah mengenang nasib tak sedar diri bila makan.

4. gelora bung karno nafsu serakah
kena pandai manage meh. i do indulge ONCE IN A WHILE. not everyday. if i feel like eating something extra heavy, i will eat. tapi takkan makan everyday. usually once a week je. like nasik goreng di makan pada malam hari, tak berlaku selalu. berlaku cuma seminggu atau dua minggu sekali. cos malam memang i jadi pemalas lebih. so nak makan pon fikir 56 kali sebab once dah mandi semua, malas dah nak gosok gigi balik lepas makan. hahahahha.
eh jangan tak tahu, there's this one time bila i rasa terlalu malas, nak bernafas pon i taknak ok! :D

so far, tu je lah. my doctor suggested a diet pill nama adipex. i'm currently still using it but i'm down to the last two tablets and plan to stop taking it. cos i rasa dah boleh survive on my own without having to depend on drugs.
so far, rasa sama je ambik pill and tak ambik pill. actually adipex dia macam tahan lapar. and memang tak rasa lapar. but because saya dasar makan banyak, maka lapar atau tidak, saya tetap makan. cuma pandai je jaga. that's why i'm gonna stop. hehe. and i think exercising helps a lot. actually, it helps.

so mari berdiet!
my goal weight is 52-55kg.
umm, nak memalukan diri sendiri boleh tak? my heaviest weight before i diet ni ialah 66kg. i am now 60.4kg. i have like 9kg to lose. more or less. so target by march next year hopefully boleh capai 52 kg. doc tak bagi cos i'll be underweight already.
but i figure, might as well go all the way so if i happen to gain back a bit of weight, it won't cross 55kg border.
oh and i'm 164 cm tall. not that tall but ok lah with 60.4kg weight. my ideal weight pon but biasalah. dah lama tak nampak nombor 5 kat weighing scale tu.
saiko kejap.

ohhhhh and don't forget to measure urself jugak kalau rajin.
cos kadang-kadang, u don't see the result in kilos, but in inches instead.
i malas nak measure, so i guna this one extra fit dress i have as my benchmark.
once i can fit into it, i know i weigh 55kg :)

good luckkk!!!!!

omg panjangnya entry ni.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

football, appraisal and everything in between

1. i didn't watch football last night. i was worried i might die alone. from heart attack. so i took precaution and slept at 8.30 instead. hehe.

2. we're all crazy thinking about our year-end appraisal. the tiredness, sleepless nights and running around here and there looking for appointment letters. ahh, crazy month it is.

3. planning a holiday next month.

4. on an extreme diet mode. lost 4 kgs to date. hoping to lose more.

5. skipping and swimming mode is on.



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

10 anak dan seorang ibu

My mom memang funny but at the same time she's a realist.
Kan ada all these stories about how a mother can look after 10 children but 10 anak belom tentu can jaga one mak?
My mom cakap lah dengan penuh selamba badak:
"Alah, of course la mak boleh jaga 10 anak because they are all babies. So small and light. Mak-mak ni mana ada pint-size, semua heavyweight champs!"

Haha of course saya ketawa but then again, dalam 10 anak tu, takkan at least 2 orang pon cannot spend some time to look after amak right? So amak, ur theory cannot pakai one.
Of course we were babies then, but u are our mother! Mesti mau jaga meh.
Plus, my aunty H ialah petite. Sangat senang mau dijaga pulak tu. So not all mothers are heavyweight champs hehe.

Love ur parents!
Pray for them!
Especially those who were called to be with Allah.
They need our prayers the most.
Al-fatihah :)


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bratty and bimbo-ish

I'm at this one camp lembahaian danau (?) So far away in Jasin. Bawak students camping. I was supposed to sleep here tonite, but given the look of the toilet and all, I just had to pass.
So, I'm chaperoning for today only.
Tengok gambar atas. The bed on ur right is the actual bed that this camp provides. The bed on the left is my bed. Camp provides the bed, I brought along my own freaking bedhseet and pillows.
And its only for a few hours! Can't imagine what I'd'd bring along if I had to stay here for the night.

Probably carry my own apartment here.
Have a great weekend!
I know I will enjoy this luxury! :)


Thursday, October 27, 2011


saya ada a few hutang yang perlu settle.
i'd love to post about my KK trip with my sister just last month and perhentian trip with my best friend in june.
waaayyyy overdue but i just wanna share!
tengah configure balik blackberry punya setting so i can transfer all the pics to my laptop.



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

show me your true colour

ahh a lot of things have happened last week.
made me realize who's willing to tell the whole truth and not just half of it, and who's willing to lie for the sake of getting promoted.

BUT, whatever it is that u do, hati mesti ikhlas dan redha.
ikhlas kat mulut is not enough okay.
ikhlas tapi tak redha pon cannot also.
ikhlas and redha go together.

anyhoo, i have been meaning to update as much as i can.
it's just that, since twitter is sooooooo accessible, blogging seems ... leceh.

promise i'll update soon as i can.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

den dah lupo!

banyak nak cerita but i keep forgetting!!
old age syndrome :D

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Worn off

Didn't realize how stressful I am today until I've lost my appetite.
Can't even bring myself to eat my fave mee goreng mamak.
Loads of shit happened. Major ones.
Ahh, I give up. I do. I really do.
Can't take it no more.
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Dunno whether valid lagi or tak cos I changed my url.
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newly-decorated blog!!
not much, but it's a start :)