Saturday, March 31, 2012

dream, orientation and everything in between

i had the stupidest dream last night.
not THAT stupid, just stupid enough for me to remember it, which rarely happens when u dream, right?
so anyway, in this dream, i sorta spilled hot water or burned my ring finger.
after a few hours, it has gotten so bad that i had to go see the doctor.
so i went. with a baby. MY BABY -__________-
inside the treatment room, i had to feed the baby and let her sleep so the doctor can attend to me with no distraction -_________-
and when she's finally asleep, the doc started his treatment on me AND can't stop touching my finger and hands -________-
omg apa mimpi ini??!
then tiba lah part bodoh gila, my colleague stormed into the room and warned the doctor not to touch me and acted like he's my husband (he's not!).
doc backed off and just smeared some weird smelling lotion on the burned finger and apparently i was fine afterwards.

apakah kebodohan ini?
whatever it is, i just feel like blogging it out. hehe.

* * *

okay so what happened while i was away?
nothing much.
kehidupan berjalan seperti biasa.
busy with classes, kerja-kerja pejabat dan sebagainya.
went to putrajaya a 4-day meeting.
my team and i had to train a bunch of 78 KK english lecturers from all over malaysia on the 9th and 10th of April.
we've been developing this new curriculum for it to be used starting next semester, so we have to train them on how to execute it and whatnots.
so wish me luck.

public speaking is something that i'm very bad at.