Sunday, December 4, 2011

honesty, integrity and everything in between

hahaha was reading beautifulnara (discovered this blog few weeks back, lambat kan?) and read about the wedding of an artist to a VIP.
then baca pulak kisah ke-tidak-nonsense-an Tan Sri Musa Hasan yang went undercover at a club and caught one of his officer in the act, i remembered my aunt, whose working with a bank.
more or less the same story jugak.
she had to face club's bouncers just to drag one of her staff out of the club and back to work.
i cannot imagine one fierce-looking lady, raging with madness, confronting the bouncers and dragging the poor little boy out of the club while scolding him throughout the process.
hahahahahaha omg what a scene it must've been!
i dunno what exactly happened but my aunt cerita this boy selalu lambat masuk office because he went clubbing almost every night until in the wee hours in the morning pastu lambat la pegi kerja.
so she got really fed up one day and decided to go to the club and drag him out herself.
the things managers do to maintain the level of professionalism.. sigh..
but still funny! :D


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