Wednesday, November 16, 2011

10 anak dan seorang ibu

My mom memang funny but at the same time she's a realist.
Kan ada all these stories about how a mother can look after 10 children but 10 anak belom tentu can jaga one mak?
My mom cakap lah dengan penuh selamba badak:
"Alah, of course la mak boleh jaga 10 anak because they are all babies. So small and light. Mak-mak ni mana ada pint-size, semua heavyweight champs!"

Haha of course saya ketawa but then again, dalam 10 anak tu, takkan at least 2 orang pon cannot spend some time to look after amak right? So amak, ur theory cannot pakai one.
Of course we were babies then, but u are our mother! Mesti mau jaga meh.
Plus, my aunty H ialah petite. Sangat senang mau dijaga pulak tu. So not all mothers are heavyweight champs hehe.

Love ur parents!
Pray for them!
Especially those who were called to be with Allah.
They need our prayers the most.
Al-fatihah :)