Tuesday, November 22, 2011

football, appraisal and everything in between

1. i didn't watch football last night. i was worried i might die alone. from heart attack. so i took precaution and slept at 8.30 instead. hehe.

2. we're all crazy thinking about our year-end appraisal. the tiredness, sleepless nights and running around here and there looking for appointment letters. ahh, crazy month it is.

3. planning a holiday next month.

4. on an extreme diet mode. lost 4 kgs to date. hoping to lose more.

5. skipping and swimming mode is on.




NUN@ said...

4kg???? camne???? jhah diet ni naik lagi 2kg...hua hua hua..ada niat nak blajar swimming..tunggu abis musim tengkujuh..huhuhuh

Fathia-Z said...

hehe saya akan blog pasal ittew!